The Ultimate Bug Out Business

April 12, 2016 by

The Ultimate Bug Out Business Report CoverIf you're anything like me, you know circumstances change.

Sometimes dramatically. Often quickly.

That's why we keep a closer eye on the weather and news than some. Set aside extra for a rainy day. And make contingency plans in case disaster lands on our doorstep.

But most plans share one glaring weakness.

If a storm, wildfire, or other crisis forces an evacuation, or a family emergency requires an extended trip away from home, income grinds to a halt.

But not for me. Or for any of my friends I'd like to introduce you to.

Our income follows us everywhere we go.

We live where we want to live. Travel whenever we want. And make a better living than many doctors and lawyers.

We call it the writer's life.

But you could also call it The Ultimate Bug Out Business.

When we leave town - whether by choice or necessity - we don't check how many vacation days we have left. Worry about who will tend the shop. Or ask anyone's permission to go.

We simply pack up and hit the road.

And if you'd rather live at an off-the-grid retreat, far removed from civilization, or even leave the country, without leaving your income behind... the writer's life lets you afford to do it in style.

The Writer's Life Made Easy

You've probably heard of "starving artists." Plenty of writers are just as hungry trying to make money writing for dying newspapers, slaving away in ad agency shops, or spending penniless years trying to pen the next great American novel.

This ain't that.

In fact, if you can write like I do here - in plain, everyday English (even with slang!) - you can make great money. Six figures and then some. With flexibility unmatched by virtually any other occupation.

It's supported my family for years - even in the midst of family emergencies. And now I've shared exactly how you can do the same in a report I wrote for American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), the company who originally taught me how.

It's yours free in exchange for your first name and email on their website. No spam. Only instant access to my report and free info on how to live the writer's life. And yes, you can easily unsubscribe anytime if you wish.

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