My clients' success is my success. That's why I highly value their feedback and testimonials. Here are a few of these successes from my clients in their own words:

20% Sales Copy Conversion Rate

(New Upsell Sales Copy)

"Steve, your upsell sales copy averaged a 20% conversion rate and had an added value of $5.33 to the bottom line. I'm very pleased with your copy. When I have other projects you will be first on my list."
~ Dave Wentworth
Owner, Natural Remedy Marketing LLC

64% Increase In Conversions

(New Lead for Control Sales Page)

"Hey Steve, Your new copy had a 64% increase in conversions, nicely done."
~ Bobby Hewitt
Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist, The Healthy Back Institute

Phenomenal Open & Click Through Rates

(Webinar Email Campaign)

"Have you ever had an average open rate of 45.1% for your email campaigns? How about a 14% click through rate for those same emails? We hadn’t either until Steve Coombes of PreparedCopy.com joined our team. Steve is working with us on an online event called Summer of Survival. We’re sending approximately 8 emails a week promoting our event and we’re amazed at the results of our emails! Not only are we experiencing phenomenal open and click through rates in our email campaigns, Steve is incredible to work with. He’s very responsive to our needs, his turnaround time is short, and he always works in the best interest of our business. Needless to say, Steve has proven himself to be an invaluable member of our team. We highly recommend his sales copy services to anyone seeking to expand their business reach!"
~ Cindy Thompson
Owner, Fortress Management Group, Inc.

8% Recurring Subscription and 24% Free Gift Conversion Rates

(New Sales Copy: Split Test + Multiple Upsells)

"It did very well to our own list so far.  8% CVR on book with forced [subscription] and 24% on straight book.  Upsells this very well as well."
~ Dennys Passeto
Director of Online Marketing, The Healthy Back Institute

Conversions Jumped from 4% to 15%

 (Control Beating Upsell Copy)

"The upsell page you wrote for [product] has actually had a pretty significant improvement to the conversion. The [product] upsell went from 4% to 15% conversion. Pretty significant improvement. Well done!"
~ Dennys Passeto
Director of Online Marketing, The Healthy Back Institute

Fresh, Strong Ideas

(New VSL Lead)

"Nailed it with this hook. Very strong."
~ Byron Walker
, Peak 10 Publishing (Now Survival Frog)

Control Busting Emails

(Affiliate Emails)

"Steve has consistently been one of my top affiliate program email writers, consistently coming up with fresh angles that performed well on both clicks and conversions, including multiple new controls for several offers in the preparedness and survival space. I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a copywriter who can come in and make a difference in their bottom line in short order."
~ Wil Cleaveland
Marketing Consultant,
Dedicated Emails

Even the Video Guy Is Impressed

(30-Minute Main VSL + Multiple Upsell VSLs)

"Maybe we will need more survival copy again 🙂 our video guy says your copy is amazing!"
~ Anthony Morrison
Author/Owner, Hidden Millionaires

Breaking Control After Control

(PPC Ads)

"Steve has always done a great job with copy-writing, product research and creation for us. Most recently I sought out Steve for help to increase the effectiveness of some of our Pay-Per-Click ads and he delivered a pretty significant improvement across the board:
Here's some quick stats on performance:
65 ads tested against control ads
31 ads broke control ad's CTR (47.7%) 
40 ads broke control ad's CVR (61.5%) 
18 ads broke control ad's CTR and CVR - Both! (27.7%) "
~ Dennys Passeto
Director of Online Marketing, The Healthy Back Institute

Call Steve Coombes First

(Every Time)

"I gotta tell you quality copywriters who can get it done are hard to find. So you are at the top of my list."
~ Dave Wentworth
Owner, Your JV Partners

When you need fresh, effective copy for your next survival or preparedness offer, reach out to copywriting prepper Steve Coombes first!

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