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The Ultimate Bug Out Business

April 12, 2016 by
The Ultimate Bug Out Business

The Ultimate Bug Out Business Report CoverIf you're anything like me, you know circumstances change.

Sometimes dramatically. Often quickly.

That's why we keep a closer eye on the weather and news than some. Set aside extra for a rainy day. And make contingency plans in case disaster lands on our doorstep.

But most plans share one glaring weakness.

If a storm, wildfire, or other crisis forces an evacuation, or a family emergency requires an extended trip away from home, income grinds to a halt.

But not for me. Or for any of my friends I'd like to introduce you to.

Our income follows us everywhere we go.

We live where we want to live. Travel whenever we want. And make a better living than many doctors and lawyers.

We call it the writer's life.

But you could also call it The Ultimate Bug Out Business.

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