Surprises at the Preparedness Expo

January 20, 2013 by

EmptyChairsWhether you're a prepper, merely curious about prepping or a provider of the types of products and training folks like us are interested in - you owe it to yourself to attend a preparedness expo if one comes nearby.

Since we live in a northern New England state, these kinds of affairs come infrequently at best. In fact, I haven't seen one there yet!

That's why being in Tampa this weekend meant jumping out of bed extra early to drive two hours across the state with the family to attend the Life Changes Be Ready Preparedness Expo and Gun Expo in Deland, FL today.

Besides attending excellent presentations by well-known individuals including Lisa Bedford (Survival Mom) and James Rawles (of fame) and organizations like Project Appleseed (thanks Trey Dawson - your presentation was my boys' favorite) there were some notable pleasant surprises - and they weren't all from the classrooms.

In fact, I hadn't intended to blog about the Preparedness Expo at all, but I simply felt I needed to spread the word about two "surprises" I enjoyed today.

Big Time Natural Health Deals

The first surprise was the incredibly informative session with  Master Herbalist David Christopher of The School of Natural Healing.

Denise and I both took copious notes and didn't capture all the great info given out on numerous simple home remedies to cure many ailments you'll encounter in everyday life - using stuff most of us already have in our cabinets or pantry. Powerful recipes using simple ingredients like garlic, cayenne and the like. Plus some slightly more esoteric recipes using herbs you might not have handy (but will probably want once you learn what they do).

I almost shared the direct links to David's expo specials because they're awesome, but will refrain as I didn't ask his permission to do so. Not sure if he typically offers this rate, but this weekend through this expo he's offering the Family Herbalist Online Correspondence course, typically $295, for only $100. And two major volumes of natural healing, Herb Syllabus and School of Natural Healing - both by his father and founder of The School of Natural Healing, Dr. John R. Christopher - for only another $100 ($180 value).

If you get a chance to see David Christopher in person, go! Perhaps you'll get the same great deal on the course and books also in which case you should snap it up like Denise and I are right now.

Or, if you don't want to wait for the next Expo David attends you can start the Family Herbalist course any time. Even the regular price is good for what you'll learn: natural ways to heal your family in both normal times and rough.

Major Surprise in the Expo Hall

Our family has been to our share of conventions and similar events with expo halls. Homeschool conventions, preparedness expos, copywriting training events, singing competitions, etc.

We're used to the expo hall pattern by now. Wander up one aisle and down the next. Get some little throwaway freebies or samples as we wander the halls (every booth with a candy dish garners our boys' full attention). Enter a drawing or two. Perhaps buy some stuff.

Today was no different.

But one booth really captured our attention - and our imaginations - more than any other.

We decided to start in the back row of the expo hall and work our way forward when at a back corner booth a gentleman politely asked if I had a minute. I said "sure," and readied myself to hear his sales pitch.

Only... it wasn't a sales pitch, really.

Instead, he introduced me to a new yet familiar game and used my boys to demonstrate it using a new American style of playing cards he and his brother had created. Their only product. Then proceeded to give each of my boys their own personal set of American playing cards. Free.

How do you stay in business by giving away your only product? I was intrigued to say the least.

I spent some time at the booth talking to Matt and his brother Robert about their goals and how they market their product. They've invested a LOT of money into producing these cards, travel around on their own dime to promote them, then give a bunch of them away free? What's up with that?

A mission. That's what.

These guys didn't just create a game. They created a brand new, fun way for families to learn the key points of our nation's most important - yet recently most neglected - documents. The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And while Matt and Rob could probably charge more for their cards, much less give them away, they recognize that if we don't invest in helping the next  generation (and our own!) understand that our federal government is a government of LIMITED powers, liberty will continue to quickly fade away in this country.

Rather than tell you how the cards work, I'll let Matt tell you himself. I hunted down a presentation he gave to a reporter at last summer's PAULfest rally in Tampa. It's virtually the same explanation he gave me. You'll see it in the video below.

After you watch Matt's presentation, click on over to their website,, and get yourself a pack of American playing cards. And buy some for some friends & family while you're at it. These guys deserve your business and you'll be doing some good for liberty while having fun in the process.