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Summer of SurvivalKeep your Tuesday and Thursday evenings free this summer because you won't want to miss the biggest online preparedness event of the year: Life Changes. Be Ready!'s Summer of Survival.

I've been to a Life Changes. Be Ready! live preparedness expo before down in Florida and even wrote about it here.

I can tell you from personal experience they do a great job bringing in some of the most in-demand survival and preparedness experts from around the country and making sure the whole event runs smoothly.

Now, for the first time ever, they're hosting an online expo... and as you're about to see... not only is it 100% FREE, it promises to take online preparedness training to the next level...


7 Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Summer of Survival

Rather than rehash all the details you can find for yourself on the Summer of Survival website, here's my top ten reasons you should go register for this free event right now:

  1. 100% FREE! - I've found free fits every budget 🙂
  2. All Online - There's no travel costs or headaches - just jump on your computer with Internet connection and you're ready to go
  3. Convenient Schedule - Rather than tying up your weekends, Summer of Survival is on Tuesday & Thursday evenings (use your weekends to practice what you learn!)
  4. Well Paced - Instead of cramming a million details into a day, a weekend or a week event, you learn and apply gradually throughout the summer
  5. Expert Speakers  - You'll get the latest preparedness advice from some of the most well-known and hidden experts in the survival & preparedness industry - most of these folks you simply can't get direct training from every day (oh, guess what - I'm one of the speakers!)
  6. Content Focused - Unlike so many so-called training events, Summer of Survival is truly content-focused. So you don't have to worry about wasting your time with a big sales pitch.
  7. Live Q&A  - You get to ask the experts your own personal questions to be answered live following every webinar presentation for direct personal advice

I'd appreciate you registering for the free event using my affiliate link:

Again, there's no obligation to buy a thing but if you register using my link and later choose to get a copy of the recordings I'll get a commission as a thank you for referring you.

See you at Summer of Survival!

Summer of Survival 2014