Get Paid to Tweet / Pin / Facebook!

May 28, 2014 by
Get paid to post about free preparedness training!

Get paid to post about free preparedness training!

Social Media Promoter
(Freelance Social Media Opportunity)

Do you spend all your time on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn?

Isn't it about time you start getting PAID for your time?

We're launching one of the largest online emergency preparedness and survival training events in history! And we need someone with a passion for social media and an interest in self reliance to help us spread the word.

The event runs all summer long and is free... which makes it super easy to promote.

The money comes from the backend sales of the recordings - and YOU get HALF just by helping us tell the world about the free event.

Location: Online

Pay: 50% Commissions

1) Strong familiarity with posting to most or preferably all of these social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn 

2) An interest in and preferably a passion for self reliance and emergency preparedness

3) Availability to spend at minimum one hour per day preparing short posts and updates for social media and placing them online (the more time you have to commit, the more valuable you become to us and are likely to earn)

4) Effective English communication skills

5) Ability to carefully follow directions, including applying for this position by email to with the subject line "Summer of Survival Social Media Promoter" and a convincing explanation why you're the perfect candidate for this position. I'll cull the best candidates to present to my client, Life Changes. Be Ready! this week for their selection of the successful candidate.

Application Deadline: 05/30/2014

Other Comments: 
The event being promoted is Summer of Survival (SOS). Learn more at 

The event starts June 3rd and runs through late August. 50% commissions are paid via the affiliate commission program - but you (if selected) get exclusive access to promote SOS for commissions from all internal social media accounts.

There is a possibility of continued social media work for the Summer of Survival event coordinators, Life Changes. Be Ready!, who regularly produce live events as well as online training. Company website:

5/30/14 Update: Thanks to All Who Applied - This Position Has Now Been Filled!