Silver Dimes for 10 Cents

May 11, 2012 by
A silver dime in your hand is worth multiple dollars in your pocket

A silver dime in your hand is worth
multiple dollars in your pocket

I have some friends excited over the recent dip in silver prices lately. Silver below $30 represents a good buying opportunity for those bullish on silver.

But how would you like to buy actual silver you can hold in your hand for pennies on the dollar?

You can... by keeping an eye on your change and another "sneaky" way I'll share with you in a moment.

"Junk Silver" Coins

Untl 1965, our coins were actually worth something because dimes, quarters and half dollars were minted with 90% real silver content.

Today, these "junk silver" circulated coins are worth much more than face value. Even with silver down to nearly $29 as I write this, one silver dime is still worth $2.10 in silver - or 21 times face value!

Of course, with silver prices going through the stratosphere in recent years many of these pre-1965 silver coins have been snatched out of circulation and saved by smart folks who recognize their value.

But you can still find them in your change from time to time if you keep an eye out.

Recently our daughter bought a drink at Dunkin Donuts - and virtually paid for it with the change she got. I taught my kids to always check the dates on their change - and one of the dimes in her change (pictured above) was an old silver dime.

That dime was worth nearly as much as her whole drink... and in time may be worth much more.

But here's a little trick that could put more cheap silver into your hand...

The Forgotten Silver Coin

Whenever you go to the bank, ask the teller if they have any half dollars.

I ask every time I go to the bank. Some days they have none. Other days they have dozens of them on hand.

Whenever they have any, buy them all.

Then go home and check the dates. The larger coin makes the dates easier to read - and worth more when you find one with silver in it.

But here's the secret.

Most people looking for pre-1965 silver coins still don't realize that half dollars from 1965 - 1970 have 40% silver.

There may not be as much silver per coin and you won't luck out every time... but they're still worth far more than face value. I'll trade 50 cents for $4.00 worth of silver all day long! Wouldn't you?

Silver Half Dollars

Two 40% silver half dollars I picked up
during one recent trip to the bank