Should Christians be Preppers?

August 19, 2013 by
The Holy Bible

What does the Bible say about prepping?

Over 3 million Americans consider themselves “preppers” today.

There’s no shortage of books, websites and even television series detailing how to become a prepper. (Or arguably, how NOT to be a prepper.)

However, the real question for many modern day Christians is whether you should become a prepper at all.

More importantly…

Does prepping show a lack of faith in God?

If you or someone you know has ever been troubled by questions like:

  • Is it wrong to “hoard” food, water, precious metals, medicine and other supplies?
  • What does the Bible say about barter items that I wouldn’t use myself?
  • Is it ever ok to use force in defense of myself, loved ones or innocents? If so, when?
  • How should I handle disagreements about prepping with my spouse?
  • Do we have an obligation to prepare?
  • What about spiritual preparation?

Now you can get scriptural answers.

Faith of a Christian Prepper is the book I've been researching and writing for the past year to explore and share what the Bible really says about these important questions.

I'm wrapping up the manuscript soon. But I want to be sure I've covered all the important questions and arguments about whether or not a Christian should be a prepper.

That's why I'm asking for your help. In exchange, I'll give you a FREE copy of my new book, Faith of a Christian Prepper.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Click the form link below
  2. Tell me your question or argument (pro -or- con) for prepping as a Christian
  3. Include your name & email on the form and I'll send you an email when you can get a free Kindle version of the book

If you just want to submit a question or argument without giving me your name or email you can do that, too. I just won't be able to let you know when the book is published and when to get it free.

But I need to receive your submission soon in order to consider your question or argument as part of the first edition as I expect to go to press with Faith of a Christian Prepper in September.

Share your Christian prepping question or argument here

Thanks in advance for taking part in making this book a help for Christians and preppers alike!

1/27/2014 Update: Due to heavier than anticipated project load from my copywriting clients, this book project is behind schedule (clients come first!). Rather than a 2013 release I'm now shooting for later this year. The good news is there's still time for you to send me your questions and arguments for possible inclusion in the book... and to get your own free copy once it is published.


  1. Sandy Bonesteel

    I have to say I am confused. There are scriptures in the Bible that make it sound like we should prepare. But there are also scriptures about not worrying about what we will eat, etc.

  2. Lynn

    I have a Christian friend who does not prep because as she says that is what Mormons do and just for that reason she feels it is wrong. She says God will provide.

  3. Sharon Holmes

    I believe one should be prepared for any type of disaster. It is common sense to do so. Also, if one's neighbor's stash of stored goods is lost because of flooding, fire, or tornado, the one whose stash is intact can help that neighbor. I also believe that God will multiply one's goods as he helps his neighbors who are in need.

  4. Connie

    Practically from the beginning of time, God's children have been preppers. Joseph had the people give part of their harvest during the 7 fat years and it was stored so there was food for the 7 lean years. However, THEY depended on the government and lost everything to the government (Pharaoh) instead of doing it themselves. This is what happens when you depend on government instead of God's wisdom. When they were in the Wilderness during the Exodus, they harvested manna daily - EXCEPT on the 6th day where they harvested enough for TWO days because manna did not fall on the day of rest - therefore "prepping" for the day when no food fell. For planting and harvest - every 7th year was a year of rest for the fields and God promised a large harvest during the 6th year so that - if they prepared - there would be enough food for the fields to remain at rest during the 7th year. There are MANY more - I haven't even come close to touching the whole Old Testament, or gotten near the New Testament. As far as spiritual preparation - we are supposed to hid the Word on our hearts. Even if a Bible isn't available, we should be able to know the Word. So yes - Christians should DEFINITELY be preppers!

  5. Jake Reed

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know,that I just sat through your webinar on SOS and it was one of the best webinars that I've ever listened to.You did such a great job explaining different verses found in the bible and how it relates to us preppers. Thank you so much for your well.

  6. Kolleen Birkmeyer

    Hi, i am loving your webinars, very informative!! I am going to purchase the whole series!! I believe we should prep, just as the 5 virgins did, but i am thinking that it will be hard to turn away people who don't have or didn't prepare and i feel i should stock extra, but the thing is i live on a super tight fixed income, and i am trying to figure how i am even gonna save now for me and my husband and pets, and meds and water and stuff....i just get by now on what i make...i am disabled and can't make money...any suggestions...waiting in anticipation!!

  7. Roxy

    Your webinar tonight was very interesting and informative. Your examples were quite clear and convincing. It's never too late to start. My husband and I are in our mid-sixties, and we bought five acres two years ago to try to be as self-sufficient as possible. It's fun too.

  8. EJ

    Reminds me of the story of the man who refused to leave during a flood because God would save him. Police came - he would not leave. Then the house floods. He is on the roof and the fire department comes in a boat - he would not leave. He's up to his neck in floodwater and a Coast Guard helicopter comes - he would not leave. He drowns. Gets up to Heaven - God! Why didn't you save me? God says " I sent the police, fire department, and the Coast Guard!!!" I am sure God wants us to help ourselves as well as others.

  9. Susan

    Watching the SOS series of webinars is challenging but worth it. Your presentation did not start until 2 am my time hence teh challenge of staying awake for the Q & A.

    I do have a rather different take on preparing for a uncertain future. Here in the Uk there is very little self-reliance but loads of government reliance. The government provides for everything starting with pre-natal care and ending with a burial plot. Want a job ask the government to provide one. Want home ask the government to make it possible. Want an education the government will pay for it.

    Where is the church? Hiding in a holy huddle saying things like thank goodness we don't have to have a churchyard anymore because the local government provides a cemetery and a crematorium. In some places they are just poking their noses out and providing emergency food for peopl who for some reason don't have any money coming in. Their money could be stopped for the crime of going to a job interview and forgetting to tell their job search advisor that they could not keep an appointment with them because of the interview. He who pays the piper calls the tune as they say.

    I can foresee a day when the church will have to pick up its role of caring for the community again. When there will be no doctor nearby that you can see without incurring a charge. When there will be no paid helpers for the elderly or the disabled and the church will have to do a lot more than it does now to support the community. A time when those who can make mney will have to make it and bring it into the church so the church can care for the community.

    Yet I also see a church walking towards that future with its eyes closed tight. We don't want to see this or do this. We want to leave this to the government. End result people look to the government for help not God's representives on earth. Looking to someone or something other than God to provide for you is dangerous. One day a jealous God might just say enough is enough and bring the government to its knees so that people can no longer look in that direction for help. Then what? A weak and feeble church would have to grow up very fast if it was to fulfill its right and proper role in society. If it did not there would be others who would be willing to take on that role and to be honest some of them would be strongly influenced by ideologies that are at odds with the church.

    I see the need not just for preparation on a household or family basis but for churches to be preparing for an uncertain future. Churches where there are support services for the elderly and the disabled. Churches able and willing to educate children for life in society not just to mentor them into the faith. Churches able and willing to support the weak and needy of all kinds within the communities they serve. In other words the church at the heart of a very different type of community where people know that they need to rely on others in the community rather than the government. Not just hiding away within an old building wringing its hands in despair of what is happening around about it.

  10. Steve Coombes

    Thank you everyone for your great comments following my Summer of Survival presentation. I have several PAGES of questions left to answer even after the Q&A session. Many of them are answered in my upcoming book, Faith of a Christian Prepper. However, I will also be taking on some of the questions publicly in future posts so stay tuned. Thank you again for responding here!

  11. Clive

    God warns us in Revelation, and Daniel (with lesser points elsewhere) of the major problems to come in the 'end days'. Prepping is simply believing what God says is true. We are also then in a position to witness to un-prepped neighbours to the truth of the Bible, and the Good News it also contains.

  12. ssgtnelson

    So here is where I see a problem. Jesus tried to get people to focus on God. The young rich man wasn't focused on God. He could follow Jesus and if everything went poorly, oh well, back to being rich. He wasn't dedicated to God. That doesn't mean being wealthy is bad, as long as your focus is on God. Jesus said don't worry about what you may eat tomorrow or store up earthly treasures for yourself... again, the context is that you should be focused on God. Next Jesus instructs his followers to buy a sword... so I'm supposed to be prepared to defend myself and others with a weapon should the need arise.

  13. Eric

    Update on the status of your book?

  14. preppers

    You've created one of the best prepper blogs online. Well done.

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