Preparedness & Survival Copywriting Services

Call them what you want.

Preppers, survivalists, homesteaders... patriots.

If you want them to sit up and take an interest in your preparedness supplies, survival books or related services you'd better be on the same page with them. Because they're looking for an authentic voice.

And for that, my friend, you've come to the right place.

That's because I'm both a prepper and a highly experienced copywriter with a unique background.

Now that you know a little about me, what copywriting services can I help you with today?

Copywriting Services List

Sales Letters
VSLs & Video Scripts
Email Copy
Special Reports
Web Content
SEO Content
Direct Mail
Other Projects

Sales Letters

A full-fledged direct response sales letter is the heavy hitter in your instant-order sales force. Great sales letters blow away sales obstacles straight through to the iron-clad offer.

It can be online or in the mail, but it had better capture their attention - and quick. Then keep them captivated until they come charging forward with credit card at the ready.

I'll help you make it happen. With style.

Lift notes, testimonials, second-chance offers, even a sales video if you like... they'll all be in there when I write your complete package.

Sales letters start at $5,000

Video Sales Letters & Online Video Scripts

Can you imagine an online world without YouTube and other video sites today?

Why should you imagine your website any differently?

Videos grab your website visitors' attention in a whole new way. Videos captivate. Inform. Sell.

Whether you need a home page video script to introduce new visitors to what you offer... or a video sales letter to perfectly complement (or even take the primary place) of your sales page... I can help.

Video scripts can include copy alone... or  full visual cues and even professional actor and voice talent recommendations for your video production company.

And don't miss out on the new "whiteboard" style sketch videos where your visitor watches hand-drawn pictures during narration - proven to boost conversions on even the best optimized video sales pages.

I'll write the winning script and even help you work with the video production companies, artists and voice talent if you wish.

Commercial scripts start at $1,000

Video sales letter (VSL) scripts start at $5,000


Your customers are bombarded with tons of email every day.

Many lists are lucky to see 1 in 10 emails opened. Even list owners with highly responsive lists may find themselves slapping high-fives in the hallway after hitting a 20% open rate these days.

Clearly you'll have to cut through a lot of Inbox clutter before your email gets opened. And that's just to get off the starting line.

Autoresponder series, daily or weekly ezines, promo emails... they all need a great "I gotta open this one" subject line. Then you have to hook their interest to read the whole thing with a great lead.

Of course, the true measure of a successful email is how it moves your relationship with your customer forward. It takes a sound strategy and great copy.

What kind of email campaigns are you running now? What kinds should you be?

Emails start at $300

Special Reports

When you need to make a point... and make it well... few tools in your arsenal will do a better job than a special report. That's because your prospects' sales resistance is low and interest is high when reading them... making their potential for future sales huge.

Here's a few ideas on how to use your next special report:

  • Market positioning ("expert opinion")
  • Free bonuses, or premiums, to ensure a purchase (or bigger purchase)
  • Interest-generating promotional tool sending readers to a sales page
  • Stand-alone product (want someone to PAY you to sell them more? There ya go...)

How about an ebook? They're like a special report on steroids... and I can help you write those too.

Special reports start at $2,000

Web Pages

Home Page / Information Page

Your home page serves as your company's introduction to your new customer. Information pages build upon that budding relationship, building their trust in your brand and expertise until the sale is made - over and over again. These web pages serve 1,001 other purposes too, of course.

Normally, you'll want your web pages to attract visitors from a variety of traffic sources - key among them being through search engine queries.

Here's the bottom line: if you have the best product in the world and a snazzy website to boot, but your website is consistently buried on Google's page 10 search results, no sale.

Fortunately for you, I've been writing strong copy that attracts high rankings in Google and other search engines (SEO) for years. All without losing one ounce of each word's power to make the sale. And that, sadly, is a rare beast.

Home pages start at $1,000
Information pages / Blog articles start at $300

Landing Page

Landing pages are targeted web pages used to capture leads or sell a product as part of a focused campaign. These are ideal for driving new prospects to via pay per click (PPC) ads, social media marketing, or sales affiliates.

The landing page itself could be a squeeze page where you offer a special report or some other goody in exchange for their name and email address. Or it might be a specialized sales page for a specific product. Either way, you need a page that converts well.

When you're ready for your next campaign, give me a call.

Landing pages start at $1,000

Search Engine Optimization

Do you have great content... a winning offer... and no traffic?

I can help you fix that in two steps:

  1. Identify the keywords and keyphrases you should be using to reach your target market
  2. Help your webmaster implement effective search engine optimization on your web pages by crafting carefully worded copy to maintain or improve conversions on each page while attracting higher search engine results, including important on-page optimization "tricks" (all white-hat) and linking strategies

(By the way... if you followed a direct link to this website, type prepper copywriter, preparedness copywriter, survival copywriter or some similar search phrase into your favorite search engine. You'll find me at or near the top of your search engine results page. If you're counting on someone to help you reach the top of the search results page, you probably want to see them do the same for themselves, right?)

Not sure whether you need search engine optimization help?

Ask about my comprehensive Site Audit and SEO Checkup services. These will give you all the details you need to correct any problems and make improvements on your own... or at least know exactly where improvement is needed so you can prioritize budgeting for outside help.

Site Audit (up to 8 pages) is $500
SEO Checkup (up to 8 pages) is $500
All other SEO Services are custom quoted

Direct Mail

Is your Inbox full of unread emails?

Join the club. Your customers are already card-carrying members.

That's why good old-fashioned direct mail could be the simplest way for you to cut through the clutter. In the old days, most junk mail went straight to the circular file. Much of it still does.

But getting a well-designed piece of honest-to-goodness paper mail into their hands can set your company high above the competition in your customer's eyes... building credibility, a stronger relationship, and higher sales.

Direct mail opportunities abound in the emergency preparedness market. Go on virtually any survivalist forum or read through the various preparedness blogs out there and you'll find your potential customers raving about the latest full-color seed catalog or the cool new gadgets found in the off-the-grid bathroom reader they just discovered in their mailbox.

Isn't it time you got a piece of the action?

Direct Mail projects are custom quoted

Missed Opportunities?

Are you overlooking other ways I can help you build a closer connection with your customers?

  • Display Ads
  • Advertorials
  • Copy Review
  • Quick Start Product Guides
  • Customer Surveys
  • Thank You Letters
  • Graphic Design (not me - I barely draw stick figures - but you SHOULD talk to my talented wife! Review her portfolio at the link...)

Package Deals!

Have a whole bunch of stuff you're working on at once and don't know where to turn next? Or trying to wrap up a complex campaign? Give me a call or drop me an email and let's see if I can lend you a hand.

Let's get started!