A Question of Liberty: Who Decides Childhood Vaccinations?

April 6, 2013 by
Who has the right to decide your child's medical care?

Who has the right to decide
your child's medical care?

Last night I shared this image on the Prepared Copy Facebook page regarding eight children in Oregon being forced to accept vaccinations.

Along with the image I made this comment:

"ONLY parents should direct their children's medical care. Forced medication is NOT acceptable in a truly free society."

Now, the way I have the Prepared Copy Facebook page set up, anything I post or share there automatically gets shared on my Twitter account, too. Which is where my statement met some resistance:

@SteveCoombes what about those who would deny treatment because they are depending on Thor to cure them? Then they die.

Which opened an interesting discourse on who should decide medical care for your child.

Is Reliance On Thor for Medical Care Equivalent to Child Abuse?

The question as posed in response to my statement was actually quite clever.

First, it attempted to equate withholding vaccines with withholding treatment. Second, it appeared to belittle religious considerations in medical care by its reference to dependence on the mythological Norse god Thor.

Let me start by stating clearly that if my children are in need of medical treatment then, yes, I am going to do what I can to get them the care they need. Any loving parent would.

However, if there is a disagreement between the state - or even the doctor - and the parents on what form that medical care should take, then ultimately the parents should decide the medical care for the child. In a normal family relationship, no one is going to care more for the child's interests than the parents. And as parents, they have the natural desire to nurture and primary responsibility to care for their child.

Obviously, there are sad cases of abuse and neglect today and those parents should not be directing their children's medical care or any other area of their lives.

But that's where we've suddenly hit the slippery slope. Those in favor of government mandates such as enforced vaccinations now like to equate "not following the status quo" as "child abuse."

Who Has the Right to Decide Your Children's Medical Care?

If anything makes me shudder, it's that Clinton-era statement, "It takes a village to raise a child."

No! It doesn't!

First of all, our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were endowed to us by our Creator. Those are basic human rights even our country's founders agreed were granted to us by God, not government.

However, at a young age we are unable to make critical decisions for ourselves. This includes medical care. So where does the responsibility for making healthcare decisions for children lie?

It lies with the parents.

Always remember that we live in a country which uses a Constitutional Republic form of government. While we may use democratic elections to determine our representatives, they are rightfully constrained by the bounds of the Constitution of both their state and this country.

The federal government has been granted only very limited powers. More power lies within the individual states. Yet, when any government becomes destructive to the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have a problem.

And any government overstepping its boundaries to force healthy children against their parents' wishes to accept medical care (medical care with known significant risks at that) is clearly out of line.

That's what's happening today in Oregon where children were taken from their parents ostensibly because their parents would not vaccinate their children on religious grounds. Then, after taking the children from the parents, the courts in Oregon have decided that the state then has the right to make the medical decision against the parents' wishes and force the vaccines on the children.

This is tyranny in action, folks!

Whether you agree with vaccinating your children or not, it should be your decision as the parent. Not the government's decision.

We no longer vaccinate our children. We feel that is our God-given right to make that decision, and it's not one we take lightly. My wife and I have thoroughly investigated claims on both sides of the issue and are fully convinced that the risks in getting the recommended shots far outweigh the risks in not getting them.

I'm not angry at you if you choose to vaccinate your children. Don't be angry at me if I choose not to.

Both decisions are made by loving parents who want the best for their child. And no one should have a right to interfere with that.