Is It Time to Secede?

November 13, 2012 by

Is it time to secede?
What happens when 47 out of 50 states secede from the United States?

Tens of thousands of "signatures" have been gathered on electronic petitions asking for the right for their state to peaceably withdraw from the union. All but three states have active petitions at last count.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia already weighed in on the issue of secession a few years ago by directly stating "there is no right to secede."

I'll save my own thoughts on the right to secession for another time. But I will say this: telling any population that "there is no right to secede" completely relies upon the consent of the governed.

But on to the real question. WILL these states really try to secede?

I don't think so. For two reasons:

First of all, everyone recognizes these petitions carry zero weight. They're merely tools for an agitated (relatively) few to express their displeasure at the election results. Even if they did carry any weight, their ambitions would be ignored at best and painfully crushed by the federal government at worst.

Secondly, when governments have taken the path of consolidating control at the top, change rarely happens without some kind of civil unrest - whether through relatively peaceful civil disobedience or violent overthrow of government.

And thanks to government assistance (read: dependence), most Americans are far too comfortable with their lives to vote for the reform needed to get our country back on the right track much less take the dramatic action required for secession.

Fortunately, some states have shown a willingness to fight back against the federal government's continuing power grab. State nullification is one useful Constitutionally-valid tool short of secession being used.

But we're still looking down the barrel of massive civil unrest...

Massive Civil Unrest Is Coming To America

What happens when suddenly the government can no longer provide the growing number of dependent Americans free food? Free housing? Free medical care? A free phone?

One only needs to look at the headlines out of Greece and Spain for a clue.

Could it happen here? You probably already know the answer. But if you don't, take a peek at economist John William's Hyperinflation Special Report. I expect we'll see an update soon indicating the post-election pace towards economic collapse in America has quickened since this January update.

What are you doing now to provide for your family? How will you protect them from those who refuse to take care of themselves once the government stops playing intermediary for handovers? How are you influencing others to do the same?

The time to prepare for the coming crisis is running out. Get going.