Grid Down Air Purification

December 27, 2011 by
Holmes True HEPA Air Filter

Air purification (until the power goes out)

My wife suffers from severe dust allergies. Which doesn’t help when I turn our bedroom into a junk collection area as I drop off more and more “stuff” in there to sort through later.

Being a guy, I took the easy way out this Christmas. Instead of cleaning up my mess, I went out and bought the biggest, baddest True-HEPA air purification unit I could find in stock at my local department store and put it under the tree.

It’s a practical thing, you see.

So imagine my surprise when her favorite gift was the latest Karen Kingsbury book, which she absolutely devoured in one day.

Not very practical.

Let’s see... one day of enjoying a book. Or potentially years of breathing easier.

As long as the electricity stays on that is.

Which got me thinking. I’m supposed to be the “preparedness expert” in the family. So how do I keep my wife breathing easy when the power is knocked out, like after the freak snowstorm this October that snapped a 3-foot diameter poplar tree in half onto our truck and knocked out our power for 24 hours?

One way is with either a gas generator or a solar generator. Power on.

But I like practical AND inexpensive.

Plus, fuel may be unavailable after we run out. Nearly every gas station in town was closed by lack of power in October - and the few left with power had lines a half mile long.

And while solar generators may be a good option, during the winter months in New Hampshire we may not have enough strong sunlight to warrant using our solar recharged batteries to run the air purifier.

So what to do?

Here’s one idea: 100% natural beeswax candles.

Unlike paraffin- and soy-based candles, like most candles you’ll find at the store these days, natural beeswax when burned creates negatively charged ions.

These are the same negative ions generated by many electronic air purifiers, only with NO electricity needed.

The negative ions produced bind with positively charged ions carrying dust, mold, and other allergens through the air. The excess weight then causes these irritants to fall to the floor where they can be safely swept away instead of breathed in.

Once your beeswax candle gets too low to burn, you can even use the leftover wax as lip balm or hand lubricant. Just make sure you get a 100% beeswax candle, not a mixed wax candle (your nose can tell the difference).

Reading a good book by natural beeswax candlelight. Now that’s both delightful and practical. Even when the power is off.