Ferguson Riots: A Mother’s Perspective

November 25, 2014 by

We're not Italian, British, or African. We're all Americans!

I stayed up half the night listening to the Ferguson / St Louis County police scanner online as Ferguson erupted into a virtual war zone last night.

Not one minute went by, for hours, where there wasn't a new report of shots fired, or another building or car set afire, or another group of looters entering a building.

While not unexpected, it was sobering.

This morning, numerous innocent business owners, employees, Americans who had nothing to do with the shooting of Michael Brown wake to the loss of property and livelihoods.

It's a miracle no deaths were reported from the events of the past night, though it remains to be seen how much longer this type of activity may continue and how bad things may get.

I pray for calm in our nation. Why must we be our own enemies?

A dear family friend of ours who is mother to 3 natural born children and 5 beautifully adopted children of color shared some of the most eloquent remarks I've read to date on the entire situation on her Facebook page this morning. With her permission, I share those with you here:

As a mother of 5 children of color I am going to weigh in today on the Ferguson situation. Typically my posts are humorous or satirical today it is not.

I am not raising 5 African American children any more than I am raising 3 Italian/British American children. I am raising 8 American children who all happen to be varying skin tones. All are created by God. Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

Throughout history groups have been persecuted and rose to success. The Chinese were enslaved and brutalized here for the railroad system. The Native Americans, well lets not go there since they are still living in squalor. During WWII, we in our infinite wisdom and fear took Japanese Americans, law abiding citizens, we took their homes and businesse,s their belongings, their savings and even their pets and put them in interment camps. They lost it all. 40% of Hawaii's population was imprisoned because they were Japanese.

Almost every nation in the world has used war and slavery in its history since the beginning of written record. We are not the first. We did not steal Africans into slavery they were sold by their own people. Is the buying and selling of humanity right? No, but it happens. It is ugly and wrong and should be learned from like the Holocaust that killed 11 million.

We have discrimination in the United States of America. I am a woman, I will get paid less than a man for the same corporate job, I will get sneered at, lewd comments and sexual harassment are part of the every day working world for women.

It is never enough to be good enough but guess what women don't burn down the company, they don't threaten to have the boss' wife raped or murdered. As a matter of fact the Jews, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Native Americans, the women, none of them are burning, looting, or destroying our country in response to their frustrations.

Don't even bring up discrimination to me unless you're the parent of children with disabilities. I have spent every day of my children's lives fighting. Fighting for services, fighting for classroom time, fighting for therapy, fighting ignorance and idiots. Battling people who do the same things time after time that hurt your kids because they don't think. Don't forget our children with disabilities have only just made their way to the regular classrooms, to shopping in the same stores your child shops in, going to the same movie theater with your child and at times they are still called "stupid and retard" because you are not doing your job and teaching them that God has made every child perfect in HIS sight and everyone is different and that is ok, you have not taught your child not to stare and point their finger and giggle, and now thank you to Common Core have stepped back 30 years.

Yet I am not burning down the school or threatening the superintendent's wife or daughters if he has them nor have I read of any parent who is. Ferguson has become an open door for egocentric people who could care less about the actual incident and are looking for a bandwagon to jump on and a crime scene to gain from. Black individuals have not cornered the market on discrimination, only on not rising above it; that is pathetic for those who have. It has made their journey that much more difficult.

No group in history says "I am angry so I am burning down my own city." Every honest, hardworking individual of color that has had to battle the ignorance of others has been set back miles because of self-serving criminal mentality. Large scale gang mentality by a group of individuals who believe in entitlement. I am angry so I am stealing a big screen TV and burning down a car dealership. Sorry, this group just proved to the world they deserve no sympathy, that they are criminals to the core born and bred. They repeatedly lied about the incident and have shown themselves to the world as thugs and animals.

12 businesses totally burned down, police cars burned, officers' wives and daughters threatened to be raped and murdered, large scale looting and vandalism. When a white criminal is shot and killed by an officer of color or varying race, no community in this nation has ever burned down their community. Who are these people going to call when they are finished burning their community and attacking the authority and go back to killing each other? I am a parent of 5 children of color, they are not African Americans. They are Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. Did not die for this, this was not his dream.

Nadine Cline