Facebook Marketing: 3 Keys to Success

February 18, 2013 by

Facebook1200LikesEven if you're on a tight budget, you can still make a big splash with Facebook PPC ads thanks to your ability to narrowly target your Facebook marketing to those with specific related interests.

Today I'd like to share how a low-key (inexpensive) Facebook advertising campaign to promote the Prepared Copy Facebook page to preppers, survivalists and other individuals with similar interests helped it grow from 0 to 1,200 Likes in under three weeks.

3 Keys to Effective Facebook Marketing

While I created the Prepared Copy Facebook page over a year ago, it sat dormant as I felt I simply didn't have the time to properly manage the page.

I was wrong.

The truth of the matter is I already spend hours every day scouring the Internet for news, opinions, Kindle books on prepping and other like material. I have a personal interest in the subject and I also use this information daily to stay on top of trends and garner new ideas for clients in the preparedness market I write for.

As it turns out, Facebook is a perfect venue for both reaching an audience and building a community. And it takes very little additional time to simply share the "cream of the crop" of what I find with others having like interests.

Today I'd like to share three keys for Facebook marketing success:

Key 1: Be a Curator of Relevant Content

I'll readily admit, I sometimes spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of my keyboard reading news and researching stuff. Those with a bit more balance in their lives probably don't spend nearly the amount of time that I do digging through this stuff.

That's an advantage when it comes to building a social media community.

Most people don't want to spend their entire day looking for the good stuff. They'd rather find it on their newsfeed so they can enjoy it then easily share what they like with their own friends at the click of a mouse.

That means your job is to find the good content. And weed out the bad.

By regularly sharing useful information with those in your community you'll build a reputation as a reliable source. More importantly, useful content  is more likely to be liked and shared.

What is useful content? Useful content is anything that is relevant and interesting to your audience. That could be anything from a funny picture to a link to a news article or even a relevant sales page.

The more an individual likes or shares content from your page, the more frequently your Page's posts will appear in their own newsfeed. And more likes and shares mean more friends of those who like your page already will be introduced to your content. In essence, free advertising.

It's a snowball effect with increasing rewards for everyone.

Key 2: Take a Stand

Many companies and organizations try desperately to steer clear of all controversy. Often the result is milquetoast content that appeals to no one.

Know what you stand for and why - then don't back down.

You're going to tick some people off when you take a firm stand on virtually any issue. It doesn't matter whether you're standing for gun rights, adding online DRM to your favorite city simulation game, or arguing you should eat the yolks in your eggs for breakfast. Someone will disagree with you.

Take a stand anyways.

I'm not saying you have to be a jerk to get your point across. But stick to your guns. And be prepared to present your position thoughtfully. Your core audience will appreciate your willingness to stand with them - and even use your own arguments to stand with you.

And... by standing firm you'll weed out those you're not trying to reach anyways leaving a stronger community in the wake.

Key 3: Know Your Audience - And Talk to THEM

Even in the prepper community there is a WIDE range of interests and beliefs represented.

Considering  there are an estimated 3 million preppers in the United States already this shouldn't be a surprise. Everything from anti-gun liberals to militant survivalists and everything in between at various stages of awareness and preparation are represented in that number.

Don't try to reach them all.

Say what? Chop my market share off at the knees?

Yes. Because even if you have something to offer every prepper in the world (or whatever market / audience you're trying to reach), some are going to be a much better fit with your message.

And you'll save a ton of money in advertising costs by targeting the right audience.

If you're selling heavy winter coats, some Floridians may have a need for them but you'll sell a lot more by focusing on folks in Minnesota first.

Maybe you simply want to build a community around a cause. Same principle. Perhaps even more so. Focus on those who are already in your boat. You can expand your outreach later.

Facebook Marketing - Prepared Copy Case Study

Before advertising the Prepared Copy Facebook Page it was obvious there needed to be some content on there worth reading.

I started by adding previous Prepared Copy blog posts to the Prepared Copy Facebook timeline. Then I set up the Publicize WordPress plugin to automatically share future posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Since client projects are my priority, I typically only get around to writing a new blog post for myself every week or two. Not nearly frequent enough to build a social media community!

But as I mentioned before, I'm already digging up good content all the time. The only change now is I take a few seconds to share the best of it on the Prepared Copy Facebook page as I find it.

Now that the content was there, it was time to reach out to my audience.

Like any social media marketer, I started by inviting my personal connections. That's not saying much in my case as I keep a tight reign on connections on my personal Facebook page (unlike Twitter and LinkedIn where I'm quite open).

Which meant the best way to grow my audience was via targeted advertising. Starting with the three keys to Facebook marketing success I shared above.

Relevant Content

I did not create the Prepared Copy Facebook page to target potential clients. I'm so busy most new clients have to wait a month or two for me to begin a project as it is.

Instead, my goal was to build a community of like-minded individuals that I could both share information with and eventually get feedback and learn from myself. It's the same reason most blog posts on this website are focused on topics Preppers are interested in rather than marketers.

Besides, the type of clients I prefer to work with are those who are personally interested in prepping - not just making a quick buck off those who choose to prepare. So the posts on here and Facebook will be of interest to my preferred potential clients anyways.

On Topic Advertising

This made building a community on Facebook easy. Simply talk to people who, like me, have a passion for liberty and preparedness and like to stay informed on current events affecting both. No waffling on what the Page stands for.

Which led to this ad:

Facebook Ad Liberty & Preparedness





Now, some of the statistics I've seen indicate a 0.5% CTR on a Facebook ad is good. I aim higher than that.

Starting with only a $10/day budget I quickly tweaked my ad to get decent results. The first day wasn't impressive. It didn't take long to discover the problem. My ad was using a headshot photo of me. And for 99.9% of my targeted audience, my face meant absolutely nothing.

After switching to an iconic picture of the Liberty Bell on both the ad and the profile picture for the page - an image which fit both the ad and the type of content on the page - CTR and conversion rate (Page Likes) tripled.

After a couple weeks of advertising to get the ball rolling I cut my already minimalist advertising budget in half to $5.00 a day. In less than three weeks, I now average around 80 new Likes per day on a $5/day budget. And my current campaign lifetime CTR of 0.626% beats even the so-called good 0.5% - and continues to improve. (Yesterday's CTR was 1.106%.)
Prepared Copy Facebook Marketing Stats - First 18 Days

Careful Targeting

The most important aspect of successful Facebook marketing is matching your content and ad to your audience.

In the world of Facebook advertising, that means defining a clear and narrow target audience to view your ad - particularly the area of "interests." This is the primary area I continue to refine for improvement for my Prepared Copy Facebook advertising.

For example, since I spend a significant amount of time talking about / sharing gun control and gun rights related information on the page, I've included targeted interests of #Gun Owners of America and #National Association for Gun Rights since individuals with these interests are likely to share an interest with the content on the Prepared Copy page.

Facebook Ad Targeting







Considering you could potentially reach over a BILLION Facebook accounts, the 5,675,980 users I'm targeting is a fairly narrow subset. In fact, when I started the campaign I kept an even narrower focus closer to 1,200,000 users until I was satisfied with the response rate of the advertising.

If you're ready to step out into Facebook marketing, or simply want to improve your own results, get started by reviewing these three areas:

  • Know what your Page is about and stay on topic
  • Take a stand - don't try to be all things to all people
  • Target your advertising at those who are likely to respond favorably to who you already are

Good luck!