Dear Sheriff: Uphold the Law

January 30, 2013 by
Hillsborough County Sheriff Badge

That's still true today in most states. In fact, when it comes to law enforcement, no federal or state agency has authority in the county unless the Sheriff permits it.

This makes your vote for Sheriff as critically important as your vote for President, Governor, Senator or Representative.

In today's anti-liberty, anti-gun climate, perhaps even more so.

That's because your local Sheriff may be your last lawful line of defense against unconstitutional laws enacted by Congress or your state legislature. Including those which infringe upon your Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.

A couple days ago I shared some practical steps to fight gun control. One of those steps included contacting your local Sheriff.

Today I wrote my own Sheriff as I've yet to see him take a firm stand in support of the rights of citizens in my county. It took about ten minutes to write the letter below. Feel free to model your own letter after it, or better yet, compose your own.

Dear Sheriff Hardy,

As a citizen of Hillsborough County I felt the need to write you about my concerns regarding recent legislative proposals that affect both the law abiding citizens of this county and your office and position as the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county.

Due to tragic events around the country where individuals committed mass murder with firearms, a sweeping movement is underway to limit our state and federal Constitutionally-protected rights to keep and bear arms. A right which, according to the U.S. Constitution Second Amendment, "shall not be infringed." It is my hope that cooler heads will prevail and legislators will recognize that acts which further restrict existing legal firearms or force registration of the same (a proven prelude to confiscation in numerous countries) is a violation of those rights.

However, in the event that laws which infringe upon those rights are passed I'm writing to call upon you to use the power of your office to prevent their enforcement. Moreover, I'm asking you to at this time publicly declare your intent to uphold your sworn oath to the Constitution by refusing to allow enforcement of illegal and unconstitutional laws such as those proposed. You would be in good company as well over 200 sheriffs around the country (see link below), including Sheriff Dutile of Grafton County, have already publicly indicated their own intentions to uphold the supreme law - the Constitution - in the matter of gun control.

List of over 200 Sheriffs publicly defying unconstitutional gun control:

A unified response from Sheriffs now may help sway legislators from making such poor decisions. I hope to hear of your reiterated public support for the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment, and firm public opposition to unconstitutional gun control laws in the near future.

Best wishes,
Steve Coombes

Again, I urge you to contact your own Sheriff today. If he is one of the courageous number publicly standing up for Second Amendment protected rights, commend him. If he isn't, ask him to do so today.

For further reading on the historical powers and office of the Sheriff I recommend The Law of Sheriffs by Walter H. Anderson. You can download both volumes of this resource free from the Butler County Sheriff Brigade