The Ultimate Bug Out Business

April 12, 2016 by
The Ultimate Bug Out Business

The Ultimate Bug Out Business Report CoverIf you're anything like me, you know circumstances change.

Sometimes dramatically. Often quickly.

That's why we keep a closer eye on the weather and news than some. Set aside extra for a rainy day. And make contingency plans in case disaster lands on our doorstep.

But most plans share one glaring weakness.

If a storm, wildfire, or other crisis forces an evacuation, or a family emergency requires an extended trip away from home, income grinds to a halt.

But not for me. Or for any of my friends I'd like to introduce you to.

Our income follows us everywhere we go.

We live where we want to live. Travel whenever we want. And make a better living than many doctors and lawyers.

We call it the writer's life.

But you could also call it The Ultimate Bug Out Business.

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Sales Funnel Hack: Free Kindle Book Lead Magnets

May 13, 2015 by 3 comments
Peppermint Essential Oil - Free Kindle Book Lead Magnet

Can a free Kindle book make a great lead magnet for your sales funnel?

Look at any good sales funnel and invariably you'll find a strong lead magnet at the top.

For those new to sales funnels, a lead magnet is a free or nearly free offer designed to entice prospects to give you their name, email (or full mailing address) and permission to contact them.

This is how you build a list of targeted prospects you can sell to again and again.

Lead magnets can also be used to segment an existing list into specific areas of interest by getting some to raise their hand and say, "Yes, I'm interested in this, too."

Today I'll break down and analyze an interesting new twist on this second lead magnet approach currently being used by George Shepherd, Publisher of Survivalist Magazine.

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Get Paid to Tweet / Pin / Facebook!

May 28, 2014 by
Get paid to post about free preparedness training!

Get paid to post about free preparedness training!

Social Media Promoter
(Freelance Social Media Opportunity)

Do you spend all your time on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn?

Isn't it about time you start getting PAID for your time?

We're launching one of the largest online emergency preparedness and survival training events in history! And we need someone with a passion for social media and an interest in self reliance to help us spread the word.

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Why Free Offers Aren’t Free

March 10, 2014 by 1 comment
Free Survival Knife from SurvivalLife

If This Knife Is Really Free, Why Do I Need My Credit Card?

Earlier today I saw a link on to a review of a popular free card knife from Survival Life.

You've probably seen an ad for it before, but if you haven't, you can find the free offer for the knife here.

I thought the review on the knife itself appeared fair but found the points made on the marketing of it somewhat misguided.

In response, I'd like to share some "insider" insights for everyday preppers on the outside looking in to the world of emergency preparedness and survival product marketing.

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Facebook Marketing: 3 Keys to Success

February 18, 2013 by 1 comment
Facebook Marketing: 3 Keys to Success

Facebook1200LikesEven if you're on a tight budget, you can still make a big splash with Facebook PPC ads thanks to your ability to narrowly target your Facebook marketing to those with specific related interests.

Today I'd like to share how a low-key (inexpensive) Facebook advertising campaign to promote the Prepared Copy Facebook page to preppers, survivalists and other individuals with similar interests helped it grow from 0 to 1,200 Likes in under three weeks.

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