About Steve CoombesSteve Coombes

Hiring a survival and preparedness copywriter is an investment in more than words.

Preppers are looking for companies who are authentic. They want to do business with companies that share their values of honesty, integrity and self-reliance.

Companies with founders and employees who are patriotic in the old-fashioned sense of the word: honoring God and Constitution above politics and politicians.

In short, companies they can trust.

That’s why you need to work with a copywriter who not only writes well, but is as authentic as the audience you're trying to reach.

Which is why I invite you to read on and discover why I am uniquely qualified to help you bring that authentic voice to your market. Because if you have the type of company described above, I am your market.

How Am I Qualified?

Let me start by sharing what I’m not.

I’m not the uber-prepped guy with a basement full of guns & ammo, precious metals, heirloom seeds, buckets of wheat and crates full of MREs stocked away ready for the apocalypse.

Oh wait, did that just disqualify me?

I’d say no.

You see, I’ve become increasingly, even urgently, aware of exactly why having any - and all - of those items readily at hand is more important than ever in recent years. And while the basement's not full yet... we're working on it.

Just like many of your current and future customers.

Your customers are looking at the world around them... a world full of threats to their liberty, prosperity, and yes, their very lives.

They know full well when disaster strikes, they're likely on their own.

Whether that disaster is the next Cat-5 hurricane, major earthquake or a massive EMP knocking us back to the pre-Industrial age, the burden to protect and provide for themselves and their loved ones lies squarely on their shoulders.

And after several years of the Great Recession plus the continuing threat of another downturn, the desire and urgency to become self-sufficient has never been stronger in this generation.

Just like your customers, I’m concerned and taking regular steps to provide for the sustained safety and welfare of my family and loved ones.

And while we’d all love customers with limitless pocketbooks to come knocking on our website doors with blank check in hand, that’s not reality. Reality is making the choice between adding to your larder or getting another box of shells. Getting a solar generator or investing in specialized training.

And deciding which company you’re going to purchase from.

Make a genuine, emotional connection with your customer, backed by a rock solid product and follow through with superb customer service - and the sale is yours to lose.

If you’ll provide the rock solid product and superb customer service, I can help you establish that emotional connection then clearly and convincingly explains why your product and your company deserve their business. And that will open wallets.

But before you jump and hire me to write your preparedness and survival product copy, there’s more you ought to know.

Copywriting Expertise

Copywriting is salesmanship in print.

Honest salesmanship isn’t convincing an Eskimo to buy ice. It’s matching the right product with the right customer to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Because you might sell ice to the Eskimo - once.

But establish a solid relationship with your customer - an emotional bond backed by a solid product and superb customer service - and you have a customer for life.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve been selling products and services since I was a young boy. Face to face selling my lawn mowing service or hawking cheap perfume. Phone sales of vacation cruises, new windows and computers.

Those experiences taught me its infinitely easier to match customer and product than to sell someone something they couldn't care less about. But once you have that match... whammo! That’s what drew me to copywriting - and kept me.

For years I’ve studied the copywriting masters. I recently counted and found no less than 17 complete copywriting courses on the bookshelves near my desk. Online access to dozens more. Not to count the numerous copywriting books I’ve read.  Coaches, mentors and mastermind groups I've learned from. Or the thousands upon thousands of dollars I’ve invested in direct training by the best of the best in person at events around the country.

I’ve been honored by inclusion on the American Writers & Artists (AWAI) Wall of Fame, been featured in interviews and copywriter spotlights shared with thousands of aspiring copywriters around the world, and have been invited on stage to share my copywriting experience with others at the industry's largest annual convention. In 2014, I won AWAI's $10K Challenge award thanks to the strength of a promotion I wrote for them earlier in the year.

Since then, AWAI has hired me to TEACH copywriters the fine art and real science of writing great copy to students in their elite Circle of Success Targeted Learning Programs. And I regularly coach up-and-coming copywriters personally.

But that’s still no reason to hire me to write copy for your preparedness or survival products.

There’s only one reason you should hire me: I can help you craft compelling copy to establish lifetime relationships with your customers.

And to my knowledge, no one in this industry can match my unique combination of background, copywriting skill and technical background.

Technical Background

In today's online marketing world, you'll be happy to learn I actually enjoy the technical aspects of SEO as much as the creative aspects of writing.

It may sound rather contradictory, but besides running around in camouflage pants while carrying a “survival knife” for years after watching Rambo, and trying to dig a nuclear fallout shelter in our family's backyard as a teen due to the impression watching The Day After left on me, I was also quite the computer geek in high school. (Anyone remember dial-up modems and BBS’s?)

Yep, that’s my teen years in a nutshell. The geeky survivalist.

I was first introduced to the Internet in late 1994 while working as the Marketing Director at an online technology startup company (sadly NOT Internet-based). After a short bout of skepticism, I plunged full steam ahead into the brave new online world and never looked back.

Wonder what my technical background has to do with selling preparedness products? Particularly if you’re selling something low-tech like seeds or books?

If you’re selling online, everything.

In fact, my technical background will play as much a role in your future success as my copywriting skill.

You see, when writing for the web, you have two audiences: the search engines and your prospective customer.

Fail to impress the search engines and your customers may never find you.

Write garbage “SEO copy” to impress the search engines by including the same three words 18 times in a 900-word article and your reader will drop you like a hot potato and visit your competitor’s site instead - even if they are 2 spots further down on Google.

Not to mention search engines grow savvier every day at weeding out these amateur SEO-attempts from their search engine result pages (SERPs). In fact, voice search is on the rise. Talking to your customers the way they talk and wish to be talked to is more important than ever.

Which is why effective SEO copywriting requires a careful blend of technical and creative copywriting skills to draw your customers from the search engines through to your order form.

My computer programming background, including stints as a network administrator and Fortune 1000 company web QA analyst along with long-term exposure to the Internet means I’m very comfortable with web technology.

More importantly, I know how to use it to improve your sales.

Ready to improve online sales of your survival or preparedness products? Let me know.

With best wishes for peace, preparedness and prosperity, I'm Steve Coombes. Chief prepper and survival copywriter at Prepared Copy.