Your Preparedness Copywriter for Sales Survival

Emergency preparedness and survival books, products and services are selling hotter today than at any time since the Y2K scare.

Higher sales means increased competition.

Every day another "survival and preparedness" vendor comes scurrying out of the woodwork trying to take another scrap of market share away from you.

Set Yourself Apart

Here's three ways you can set yourself apart from the competition:

  1. Create a rock solid product or service
  2. Provide excellent customer service
  3. Use super-charged copywriting that sells

Here's the kicker... you may have the most awesome product in the world and the best customer service this side of the Rocky Mountains... but unless your copy is prepared to sell no one is going to know about it.

Prepared copy doesn't mean words. Prepared copy means words that speak straight to the heart of your future customer.

Your Authentic Preparedness and Survival Voice

I've been trained by master copywriters in the fine art of direct response copywriting.

I've learned how to write for the web so your prospects not only find you in Google... they still like what they read once they get to your website.

So have many other copywriters.

But none have my unique survival and preparedness background and mindset.

A good copywriter can get into the head of your prospect. A great copywriter becomes your prospect.

I already am your prospect.

And no one knows your market... like your market.

That's why Steve Coombes should be your first choice when it comes to hiring a copywriter for survival and preparedness copy.

Explore my website. Get to know me better.

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